• Grades 9 – 12
    Beech Grove High School
    Beech Grove High School
  • Grades 7 – 8
    Beech Grove Middle School
    Beech Grove Middle School
  • Grades 4 – 6
    South Grove Intermediate School
    South Grove Intermediate School
  • Grades 2 – 3
    Central Elementary
    Central Elementary
  • Grades K – 1
    Hornet Park Elementary
    Hornet Park Elementary
  • Pre-K
    Hornet Park Early Childhood Center
    Hornet Park Early Childhood Center
  • “To be honest, it's always felt like family, it's always felt like community. You feel a sense of belonging and opportunity at Beech Grove. It was there when I was in school and even more now. Students have so many opportunities to grow.”

    Brian Carter, BGHS Instructional Coach and Alumna
  • “It’s absolutely critical for a good city to have a good school district. I’m extremely grateful that we have sound leadership, along with excellent teachers and administrators. I look forward to working with Beech Grove City Schools.”

    Dennis B. Buckley, Mayor
  • "Everyone we work with just encompasses the 'We before me,'so putting the whole, putting the greater good before ourselves is what Beech Grove is all about."

    Dani Stone

“This is my home, my roots, my place to be, and I love everything about Beech Grove City Schools!”


   – Rita Bass, Director of Elementary Education

  • "Our leaders, they love every single one of us. In Beech Grove, we are all family. And when you're with family, you have fun!"

    Sarah Taylor

“Beech Grove is engulfed by Indianapolis, but we have our own identity, and we’re proud of that. Beech Grove still has that ‘homey’ value, where you can go sit on your neighbor’s porch to talk. If something happened to you, either they rallied behind you to support you or they were there to celebrate you, and those faces never changed.”

 – Katie Gearlds, Purdue Women’s Basketball Head Coach and Beech Grove alumna

  • "They (Our students) are genuine good people that want to do well for you and want what's best for each other."

    Lee Shively

“While in 3rd grade at Central, Mrs. Pieper, my art teacher found out that I was up for adoption. Lou Ann and Rand went through a very long adoption process and at the age of 9, I was able to officially call them my mom and dad. Throughout the years, my mother’s passion for teaching rubbed off on me and I knew that I wanted to become a teacher just like her. After graduating from college with an elementary license, I applied at South Grove where she was currently teaching. My mom and I worked side-by-side for 8 years before she retired. I feel like Beech Grove is where my life began and continues to grow.”

– Alisha Wood, Central Elementary Teacher

  • "What I love about Beech Grove is that we are supported through our administration from the top down. Everyone is there to help us with whatever we might need."

    Carey Tingle
  • “My parents went here, my grandparents went here, so I feel like I have a strong connection to Beech Grove. I just like the small town feel. I didn't want to go teach somewhere where the students might not remember me or I might not remember them. Now I can continue to see them grow throughout middle school and high school and as they graduate and beyond.”

    Taylor Johnson, South Grove Intermediate Teacher and Alumna
  • "Beech Grove has changed a lot over the years. I have seen the pool, the auditorium, the football facilities and all of the other wonderful facilities out there for extracurricular activities. Academics is absolutely key, but the portions of the co-curricular activities just make you a well-rounded person.”

    Brian Bosma, former Indiana House Speaker and Beech Grove alumna
  • "One of the things specifically for the high school level that I'm really proud of is how we bring programming and curriculum options to our kids that are going to meet their needs for post-secondary education. Essentially, how can high school be the springboard for that and really get the kids to jump into it and not fall into it. That's what we are really passionate about.”

    Andrew Karr, Beech Grove High School Principal

“To say I have Beech Grove blood running through my veins is an understatement! I come from a long line of Beech Grove graduates. My grandmother, Sarah Lucille VanSickle Starks class of 1938. My grandfather, Orion Lee Starks class of 1939, my dad Gary Lee Starks class of 1962, my mom Pamela Kay Smith class of 1964, and my Uncle Steve Smith class of 1969.

Fast forward to 1991, when I returned to the hive and was hired as an Instructional Aide by Mr. Jim Flanders. Since 1991, I have worked at South Grove Intermediate.

I am proud to say my son, Rylan, who was part of the 2022 State Championship basketball team and the 2022 Sectional Championship baseball team, will graduate from Beech Grove in 2023! I am very proud to be a Beech Grove Hornet!

– Dee Dee Horen, Instructional Coach, South Grove Intermediate School

  • “I knew I wanted to return to Beech Grove as a teacher once I graduated college. I thought it would be so cool and fun to work with the teachers that I had. I spent my first six years of teaching at Mt. Vernon High School in Fortville, but eventually found my way back home to Beech Grove. I wanted to be able to give back to the school that helped shape me to become who I am today, in both the education and sports worlds."

    Lois Speziale, Beech Grove High School Teacher and Alumna
  • “I am thankful for this community for taking me in as a new teacher and supporting me all the time as I grow.”

    Miss Schweitzer, Hornet Park Elementary Teacher
  • “I am thankful for my teacher. She teaches us sight words so we can exercise our brain and to get ready for second grade. Also i-Ready math because it’s always my favorite math thing to do. If we get 100 points we get a sticker! I love all the teachers in this land!”

    Madeline & Michael, Hornet Park Elementary
  • “The community of Beech Grove has a way of keeping the intimacy of what you think is charming about a small town, but has access to resources that keep our schools competitive with wonderful programming options for our students. It’s this lovely balance of being able to keep our own identity and pride in our Hornets while being right here in the city.”

    Erin Probus, Principal Hornet Park Elementary School