• Grades 9 – 12
    Beech Grove High School
    Beech Grove High School
  • Grades 7 – 8
    Beech Grove Middle School
    Beech Grove Middle School
  • Grades 4 – 6
    South Grove Intermediate School
    South Grove Intermediate School
  • Grades 2 – 3
    Central Elementary
    Central Elementary
  • Grades K – 1
    Hornet Park Elementary
    Hornet Park Elementary
  • Pre-K
    Hornet Park Early Childhood Center
    Hornet Park Early Childhood Center

School Board Members &
Contact Information

President: Rob Challis rchallis@bgcs.k12.in.us
Vice President: Jannis King jking@bgcs.k12.in.us
Secretary: Beth Prindle bpridle@bgcs.k12.in.us

Additional Information
  • Locations & Procedures


    The members of the Beech Grove City Schools Board of Education invite you to become involved with your schools. Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Please check the Board calendar posted on this website, as well as the agenda posted for the meeting in question, to note any changes in date, time or location. The meetings are held in the Hornet Training Center (Door 9E), at Beech Grove High School, 5330 Hornet Avenue. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.

    An agenda is prepared for each meeting. All votes and minutes from each meeting are kept on the permanent record. Because Board members represent the interests of the community, citizens are encouraged to attend Board meetings. The Board meeting agenda includes:

    • Student of the month awards and a Principal’s report from each school
    • Public comments on Agenda Items
    • Consideration of items for approval
    • Reports and other business information
    • Success stories from the Superintendent and Board

    How to Address the Board

    Your comments on agenda items are always welcome. The meeting agenda item listed as Public Comments on Agenda provides time for you to speak on any agenda item for that evening. Because a Board meeting is a business meeting, it is not the appropriate time to discuss concerns or complaints. If you have a concern or complaint about an item NOT listed on the agenda, we request that you do the following:

    • If your concern involves a staff member, please talk directly with that individual and/or their supervisor.
    • If your concern involves a particular school or incident at a school, please talk directly with the school Principal.
    • If your concern is related to district policy, procedure, or incident, please talk directly with the Superintendent of Schools.

    After following these procedures, if you feel your concern is not being resolved, please contact the Superintendent of Schools and request a meeting with the Superintendent and the Board. You will be notified as to when your meeting has been scheduled, and your concern will be heard. Because each concern deserves appropriate time and attention, the Board and Superintendent may not have an immediate answer. You will be notified when a determination about your concern has been made.

    School Board Duties & Responsibilities

    School Board members are responsible for developing and adopting policies, which will guide the superintendent and staff as they provide for the educational needs of the students, parents, and citizens of the school district.

    Other duties of the Board include:

    • Setting goals for the district;
    • Hiring and evaluating the Superintendent;
    • Authorizing curriculum development and revision;
    • Establishing the operating budgets for the district

    All policies established by the Board must be consistent with the laws governing public education in the state of Indiana and must follow the guidelines set by the Indiana Board of Education.

  • Financial Information

  • Contracts

  • Strategic Planning